[Jslib] RDF data source release

jym moreofthis at skynet.be
Sun Mar 19 10:29:43 EST 2006

When you create an RDF datasource by means of the RDFFile constructor 
Mozilla registers the file URI in order to keep the link between the 
physical file and its graph loaded in memory. I am looking for a mean to 
"release" this URI, i.e., in some way, to "unload" the graph from 
memory. The issue is that the graph in the file located at this URI may 
change over time and I need to create a new RDFFile for it and to load 
the new graph in memory (the URI is still the same). Unfortunately, as 
long as the URI is registered, the new graph is not loaded in place of 
the old one. Moreover flushing the datasource will overwrite the new 
graph in the file.

Is there any method to release a URI?


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