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Brian King brian at mozdev.org
Sun Mar 5 16:32:47 EST 2006

Pete Collins wrote:
>> 1) Why are the lslib and jsliblive urls in the About window? They are 
>> stretching it horizontally to an exaggerated size.
> I want the locations there, just need to maybe put in a read only text 
> control ...

I changed them to readonly textboxes. You can scroll in them and 
see/select the text if obscured.

>> 2) about:jslib closes Firefox, and relaunches it with jslib homepage 
>> when About closes. Is this intentional behaviour?
> Yea, I know about this one ...

There are calls in the components to the function closeIf(w) in various 
places that close the main window. I just removed them in certain places 
like launching about or the splash because they didn't seem to make much 
sense. Was there a reason for this initially?

>> 3) The samples break the browser.
>> jslib:samples.file
>> jslib:samples.remotefile
>> The window minimises and will not maximise again. Firefox needs to be 
>> restarted.
> Probably related to the above problem ...

Yes it is. It is fixed by the fix for 2.

Please roll off new builds.

Brian King
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