[Jslib] RDF getRootBag

Pete Collins pete at mozdevgroup.com
Sat Mar 4 09:17:34 EST 2006

Jean-Yves Mertès wrote:

> After a little investigation I discovered that the getRootBag() method 
> only constructs and returns a bag container. This latter has nothing 
> to do with the RDF source which the method is attached to. Well, it 
> might be useful sometimes but I think the name get...() is quite 
> misleading. As I understand it got inspired by the getResource method 
> of the Mozilla code it uses. Hence I think JSlib would need a method 
> that checks if a resource is actually already in the graph of the RDF 
> source. I built such a method. Would you be interested in it I could 
> send it to you.
Yes, please send as a patch.



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