[Jslib] Newbie question - jslib in xpcshell on windows

Chris Rose Chris.Rose at synopsys.com
Thu Apr 20 20:28:31 EDT 2006

Pete and all,

The typo Pete identified in my xpcshell log is just in my transcribing
from the xpcshell to my mailtool - I can't figure out how to cut and
paste to/from xpcshell in windows. 

When I try jslib:about in the urlbar, I get a popup showing these; 

jslib: C:\Program Files\mozilla.org\mozilla\chrome\jslib\jslib.xul
jsliblive: C:\Program
Version number: 0.1344

I get the same thing whether I do this from mozilla or from firefox.

If I remove the currently loaded jslib from firefox, and then try to
paste your url (from below, the jslib_current_global_signed.xpi) into
the urlbar for firefox, it asks for permission but then never appears in
the extension tool list.     If I restart and then again do a
jslib:about from the firefox urlbar, I get the same popup - but jslib
doesn't show up in my extension tool as an extension would.  And when I
try to create a File, in a javascript within my extension's content
scripts, I get a "File is not defined" message in my javascript console,
as I had previously with xpcshell.  

For mozilla, I'm unclear as to how to remove or unload the currently
loaded jslib since mozilla does not have the same extension management
as firefox. But, if I just install from Pete's url (below) over the top
of the previous jslib on mozilla, then launch xpcshell and point to the
mozilla chrome, I am in fact able to create File objects successfully.
So this is good news, I can make progress now using mozilla, though
firefox still sees a problem.

This begs the question - what is different between the
jslib_current_signed and jslib_current_global_signed versions of jslib?

Thanks sincerely for your help - 


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>js> var f1=new File(E:\\f1.txt.out');
>typein:13: ReferenceError: File is not defined
There is a single quote missing but I am guessing it is just a typo in 
your example.

  js> var f1=new File(E:\\f1.txt.out');

In the browser urlbar, type in 


You should see a dialog there if it is installed correctly ...

If there is a problem w/ the install, try this one:



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