[Jslib] JSLib File i/o in firefox

Pete Collins pete at mozdevgroup.com
Mon Oct 24 09:36:38 EDT 2005

ObsessiveMathsFreak wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm trying to get the jslib file i/o working in firefox 1.0.4
> Jslib installs and I can even get the splash screen in 
> chrome://jslib/content/ to appear. I can also run the test case
> which displays the jslib version to work.
> I can also go to chrome://jslib/content/samples/file.xul and run
> the test case there perfectly.
> However I cannot seem to get jslib to work on local files.
> This is killing development. I can't install a new xpi file
> every time i make one tiny change to the app.
> Is there any way of enabling the jslib file i/o on local
> files. The prefs.js changes given do not work.

if *jslib:samples.file* (chrome://jslib/content/samples/file.xul) works, 
then jsLib i/o works.

There is no turning io on or off it is a library and needs to be used 
like this:

  include (jslib_io);

  var f = new File("c:\\tmp\\foo.dat");


See *jslib:io*


 * jslib:help*


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