[Jslib] Re: XULRunner and JSLib

Greg Marine gregmarine at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 13:52:55 EST 2005

I pray this finds everyone well!

Back in May, someone asked how one would go about getting jsLib to
work with XULRunner. I wanted to let everyone know I was able to get
it to work and how I did it. Kindly disregard if this information is
already well known...

Download or copy the latest jslib.jar file to the chrome folder under xulrunner:


Create a file called jslib.manifest in the same folder:


In the file put the following lines:

content jslib jar:jslib.jar!/
skin jslib jar:jslib.jar!/
locale jslib en-US jar:jslib.jar!/

This should work with any chrome libraries you need. I was able to do
this with one of my own libraries too. If you have something not
included in a jar, you can do the same but change the "jar:" part to
"file:" and drop the "file.jar!" part. Example for jslib development,
assuming all your jslib files are in /path/to/xulrunner/chrome/jslib/:

content jslib file:jslib/
skin jslib file:jslib/
locale jslib en-US file:jslib/

Any questions, let me know :-) I use jsLib for my projects. All are
private now, but one will become public some day. Having XULRunner,
and now jsLib working with it, will make things a lot better. My
projects are stand alone apps and not Firefox/Thunderbird extensions.

Have a GREAT day and God Bless <><
Greg Marine


Internet Community Church Ministries
   Because of His Grace We Serve

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