[Jslib] jslib kills firefox display

Jim Goodrich jimg-hoa at cox.net
Mon Mar 28 09:45:36 EST 2005

Thanks for the try Pete:

For whatever reason the Firefox won't display in the normal mode so I'll
just start it in 'safe mode' on the laptop.


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Jimg-Hoa wrote:

>Thanks Pete,
>I tried that and when I type the command into the browser that I had to
>start in safe-mode, and click 'go', the browser disappears instantly.
>2ndarily, when checking task manager, firefox is still listed and at a size
>of 20k instead of the usual 14k when it fails to show on screen.
>All extensions have been removed for that test.
I set the update.rdf back to use EM builds of jsLib for now until I can
cleanly sort things out.

So you should be able to just update properly now.

Let me know if you still run into problems.

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