[Jslib] Cant Update on Firefox

Pete Collins pete at mozdevgroup.com
Sun Mar 27 11:24:22 EST 2005

Jan-Peter Rühmann wrote:

> Hello.
> After Downloading the File from your Page, deinstalling the old 
> Version via the Extension-Manager and installing the new Version via 
> the downloaded File. The Extension-Manager still says 0.1.274 and if I 
> am looking for Updates Firefox says there is a new Version 0.1.275.
> How can I Install the new Version?
Yes, this is an upgrade problem I'm trying to solve.

I am not forcing installs of jsLib to go into global chrome which is 
where is should be since jsLib isn't an extension.

The problem is if you already have an older version installed via the 
extension manager, install a new version, there will be two installs. 
One in the user chrome, the other in the global chrome.

It seems that if there are two versions of a package installed, the 
version in the user chrome is used over the version in global chrome 
even though the global chrome version is newer.

If you uninstall the extension manager version, then the global version 
will be used.

Note that updates will nee to be manual until I enable auto updating for 

This is all an effort to keep jsLib installations in a single place so 
it can be shared by extensions and moz apps across profiles.


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