[Jslib] File read chopping

Fred Eisele phreed at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 11:41:10 EDT 2005

Was this problem resolved?
I am still seeing it in 0.1.290

I am reading a file that ends as follows...
(last line output from od -xc <file>)

0a0d 2f3c 646e 733a 776f 003e
 \r  \n   <   /   n   d   :   s   o   w   >  \0

The code looks like this...

        theFile = new File(theBOMFile);
        var theXMLString = theFile.read();

...the resulting 'theXMLString' does not have the trailing '>'

0a0d 2f3c 646e 733a 776f 000a
 \r  \n   <   /   n   d   :   s   o   w  \n  \0

Normally, a file will end with '0d0a' (EOF newline) in which case the
read has no problem.
So, yes, I understand that my file is 'broken' but it is what I get on
an IE download so there isn't to much I can do about that.
The puzzling thing to me is that earlier versions of jslib didn't drop
this character!


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