[Jslib] Rant

Pete Collins pete at mozdevgroup.com
Thu Jul 7 13:42:17 EDT 2005

>I'd say turn it on. If anyone is concerned, put a few words in the
>reminder to tell them "go click the link at the bottom and turn it off
>for yourself."
>I for one do appreciate your work.

Guys, thanks for the kind words.  It is greatly appreciated. As you know 
jsLib is a labor of love and doesn't move forward as fast as I would 
like it to but that's just reality.

I turned password reminder globally back on.  If you want this off just 
go to you options and change it for yourself. (I personally don't need 
the reminder so I shut it off).


*Get password reminder email for this list?*

Once a month, you will get an email containing a password reminder for 
every list at this host to which you are subscribed. You can turn this 
off on a per-list basis by selecting /No/ for this option. If you turn 
off password reminders for all the lists you are subscribed to, no 
reminder email will be sent to you.



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