[Jslib] Maintaining links to monthly XPI's?

ajvincent at juno.com ajvincent at juno.com
Thu Jan 13 07:56:41 EST 2005

There are too many updated builds posted to keep a running history of 
past builds. Keeping a history of snaps may be a good idea, but because 
of the way xpinstall works, it is easy for another app author to blow 
out the older version of jsLib.

Too easy, yes, and I would want to be cc'd on any bug against the Mozilla product where we would try to prevent this.

That said, as I see it, the really big problem is that chrome://jslib/content can be blown away by an older build.  So what if you used chrome://jslib-stable/content instead, or some other URL?

I'd be willing to check out the code and set jslib up for this, if you want.  Just name the testcases it has to pass, and I'll find a stable checkout that works.  :)

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