[Jslib] Launchy no longer uses JSLib

Pete Collins pete at mozdevgroup.com
Mon Jan 10 16:40:14 EST 2005

> How does one control the installation process at ie. 
> update.mozilla.org <https://addons.update.mozilla.org/>, since there's 
> no dependencies.

Sounds like an extension manager problem and not a jsLib problem.

Using xpinstall directly, you can install as many packages and 
dependencies at once as you wish.

> Some of you might have seen it, but I'm sad to say that the new 
> version of Launchy no longer uses JSLib.

I'm sad.  :(

> I found it impossible with the current implementation to included/use 
> JSLib in my extension.

Impossible is a strong word ...

> I think JSLib is a wonderful tool, but it has some serious weekness'es.
> The main thing is that extension developers cant include JSLib inside 
> their extensions easily.

This is a shortcoming of the EM not jsLib:
Here is an example using xpinstall of Launchy w/ jsLib as a dependency. 
(Page works in FF and Mozilla)


> JSLib wasn't developed with this in mind, but now I had to switch to a 
> homemade JS IO lib.

You mean EM wasn't developed w/ this in mind.

> Full story at:
> http://gemal.dk/blog/2005/01/05/launchy_370_released_jslib_dropped/
> Perhaps will this issue is fixed I'll go back to JSLib.
Perhaps, when EM is fixed or you don't use u.m.o to distribute your app. 
It seems easy to fix if u.m.o would just allow you to point to your own 
install html page so you as a developer have some control.


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