[Jslib] Maintaining links to monthly XPI's?

Pete Collins pete at mozdevgroup.com
Wed Jan 5 08:41:02 EST 2005

>This would make it easy for application developers to freeze their
>version of JSLib to a certain edition, so that API changes don't
>affect them as drastically.  

If an API change is made, I will alway deprecate the old interface.

Can you track down what is broken?

>Of course, this doesn't help users who
>install two different extensions with two different JSLib timestamps,
>but it is largely up to application developers to maintain their apps
>and their compatibility with JSLib's latest version.
>For my purposes, this would allow me to test if a change in JSLib in
>November broke Abacus, or if it's a change in September.  Then, in a
>webpage installing Abacus, I could point people to the October JSLib
>XPI without any harm.
>Opinions?  Is this reasonably doable?
All xpi's revisions can be checked out from cvs.

There are too many updated builds posted to keep a running history of 
past builds. Keeping a history of snaps may be a good idea, but because 
of the way xpinstall works, it is easy for another app author to blow 
out the older version of jsLib.

It might be best if you can find where your code is now breaking. I know 
it sucks, but I try to avoid precisely this type of thing. If I can find 
where it is broken, perhaps I can fix jsLib so it will remain compatible 
w/ older implementations.



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