[Jslib] Changes to socket library

Richard Morris rmorris at mos.us
Thu Feb 17 13:54:46 EST 2005

> stknight recently re-factored the socket code ...
> A regression perhaps?

I'll keep playing with it... just hoping someone else might have come 
across something. Meanwhile, I have to stick with the old JSlib version.

>> Has anyone else noticed problems with the latest version of JSLib 
>> sockets, or is it more likely that I am missing something?
>> By the way, I also cannot get jslib.init(this) to work with Firefox 
>> 1.0 or Mozilla, again from the JSLib samples. I get the error "jslib 
>> is not defined". (Solved for now by loading JSLib the old way.)
> I would need to know more information. What jsLib package?

Any. Even the examples from chrome://jslib/content/samples, or the JSlib 
splash screen.

> In what context are you calling init - from a chrome url?

Yes, I have only tried from chrome urls so far.

> --pete

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