[Jslib] Changes to socket library

Richard Morris rmorris at mos.us
Thu Feb 17 13:07:09 EST 2005

I have been using the JSlib sockets module quite extensively for the 
past year. Just recently I tested with JSLib *0.1.248, and I noticed 
that the socket functions had changed, and none of my applications would 
connect via sockets anymore. AFAIK, the visible changes are fairly 
simple, as I can see from the changelog in socket.js, but even after a 
rewrite I still seem to get only sporadic results with both Mozilla and 
Firefox. Sometimes I will connect, and then will get the error 
"Socket.read: not connected" for no apparent reason the next second. 
Other times, I cannot write to the socket, even using the standard 
sockets.xul sample from JSLib.

Has anyone else noticed problems with the latest version of JSLib 
sockets, or is it more likely that I am missing something?

By the way, I also cannot get jslib.init(this) to work with Firefox 1.0 
or Mozilla, again from the JSLib samples. I get the error "jslib is not 
defined". (Solved for now by loading JSLib the old way.)

I am using Mozilla and Firefox on FreeBSD 5.3. I am connecting to a very simple socket server written in PHP, emulating a chat system.


Richard Morris
Application Developer
MOS Imaging Systems
rmorris at mos.us
305-779-1247 Direct Line

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