[Jslib] Activity?

Craig Nagy craig.nagy at gmail.com
Thu Feb 17 00:06:42 EST 2005

Is there any activity on this list?  I'm encountering severe
roadblocks with jsLib and the multipart request.  I've repaired many
trivial bugs, but I'm not sure if it's worth it if someone is
repeating the work.  Should it even work? The main parts I'm trying to
use are the multipartRequest.js, textPart.js, and filePart.js with
little success.  The textPart works, but I'm having troubles with the
file part. (mainly because I'm unsure how to repair the existing
bugs).  I didn't realize the filepart wasn't working until I found
another bug which excludes the last part added to the multipart
request from even being processed.

There are enough bugs that I think these portions have never been
tested.  I'm more than willing to help, but I don't have the 'mozilla'
knowledge required for a lot of it.

Just in case, I am getting the source from this page:
Running mozilla 1.7.5

Craig Nagy
gmail: craig.nagy

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