[Jslib] Command Line Processing

Pete Collins pete at mozdevgroup.com
Fri Dec 30 08:42:05 EST 2005

Fred Eisele wrote:

>First, THANKS!
>It is starting to make some sense to me now.
>As I like to understand what is going on I have some questions...
>If I understand it correctly the application component,
><application>-service.js, is executed when firefox is started?
>Therefore, I presume, it must be registered; where/when is it registered?

It needs to be installed in the components directory. This is done as 
part of your XPI install.
Once the file is dropped into the components dir, it is auto-registered 
at runtime.

>I am puzzling through the script.
>Is the interaction of these components defined somewhere?

Nope, it is an implementation of an XPCOM component in javascript.

>I also notice that no "chrome.manifest" is generated by xpistubs.
>I guess this isn't a problem yet, but aren't the "*/contents.rdf"
>files deprecated in favor of "chrome.manifest"?
Sigh, I haven't gotten around to it yet. I will when I get a chance. 
Remember chrome.manifest is not backward compatible so if you use it, 
your extension will only run on 1.5+ distros. It will be utterly broken 
on any previous builds.

>Also, I thought the "install.js" was deprecated in favor of the "install.rdf".
Depends on what you need to do. It is deprecated but I still use it 
because sometimes I need to install flexibility it provides.

>Is xpistubs just keeping the "install.js" around for backward
>compatibility or is it required by the application component?
It is around so the consumer has some options - a choice.


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