[Jslib] socket.xul problem

Stephen Knight stknight at ultralifebatteries.com
Wed Aug 17 09:47:40 EDT 2005

Mozilla 1.7.11...already?  jslib 0.1.290....already?


Michael Porcelli wrote:
> I have a correction to my email below
> Status is set to "socket is not connected" when I press "Connected?" or 
> "Available?"
> Status is set to "an attempt was made to open the socket" when I press 
> "Open"
> Sorry for the confusion.

No problem.

> I also have a small addition
> Clicking "Send" causes an ucaught exception in the JavaScript Console:
> "Socket.write: Not Connected."

That exception is expected since Socket.isAlive returned false.

I've downloaded 1.7.11/0.1.290 and run them on Windows 2000/SP4 and 
Fedora Core 3.  Both systems were able to open connections to port 80 
(http) and 5332 (a custom server) without any difficulty.

 > Environment:
 > JSLib version 0.1.290
 > Mozilla 1.7.11
 > Microsoft Windows SP Professional Version 2002 SP2

Have you checked for any firewall software that might be blocking that 
port for Mozilla?  Also, does your Java application do anything special 
(like a secure connection)?  The Socket class is pretty low level (ie; 

hope this helps.

Stephen Knight
Ultralife Batteries, Inc.

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