[Jslib] Problem with two extensions including JSLIB

Sudhakar Chandra thaths at openscroll.org
Wed Nov 24 08:02:05 EST 2004

Brian King wrote:
> On 23.11.2004 16:18, Pete Collins wrote:
>>> 4. What about Firefox?
>> It *should* be working in Firefox.
> Please detail any problems you are having with Firefox. The latest 
> builds work for me at:
> http://jslib.mozdev.org/installation.html

My mistake. I do have JSLib working for me with both Mozilla and 
Firefox.  I had confused Pete's saying that the JSLib installation can 
be triggered through the install trigger with the install.js script. I 
was pointing out that Firefox does not have an install.js script. I 
realize that since he was talking about the install trigger on the HTML 
page, this is not a valid concern.

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