[Jslib] Problem with two extensions including JSLIB

Sudhakar Chandra thaths at openscroll.org
Wed Nov 24 07:59:13 EST 2004

Pete Collins wrote:

<valid answers to two of my questions snipped>

>> 3. The whole updates.mozilla.org nightmare. I have no control over the 
>> HTML of the page listing my extension.
> Yea, this needs to be resolved.

And much more with updates.mozilla.org. ;-)

> These are good points. So my task is to address them and try to get it 
> resolved. My mission for jsLib is to make things easier for us all. 
> These are growing pains. I've been trying to devote more time to jsLib, 
> there is so much potential for the library and so many ideas I have that 
> I want to pursue. It has been difficult for me but I am making it more 
> of a priority.


I really appreciate the work put in by all the hackers of JSLib.  It is 
a very useful library. No doubts about it. I really would like to help 
with some hacking. But juggling a full-time job and hacking is difficult 

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