[Jslib] js_lib file is not defined

Marcus Heine Marcus.Heine at Sun.COM
Tue Mar 23 09:15:40 EST 2004


I am a jslib newbie and am trying jslib v0.1.145 with Mozilla 1.7b
(on Solaris 9 if it matters) and can run the demos, e.g.

generally fine.

However, when extracting file.xul from jslib.jar and accessing
it from e.g. my home directory


on loading I get the javascript error

                   js_lib file is not defined

Even enabling


does not solve this (brings up the confirmation dialog box for
UniversalXPConnect, though, which I allow then).

I attached the modified file.xul in case somebody wants to check themselves.

Any good ideas? Am I doning something wrong?
Is this limited to the Solaris version of Mozilla?


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