[Jslib] Can't install jslib

Pete Collins pete at mozdevgroup.com
Tue Mar 16 14:14:13 EST 2004

> I'm having exactly the same problem. :-( There must be something 
> fundamentally I've missed here, something that is so obvious to most 
> others that they can't imagine that's the problem. Is there perhaps 
> som special way of installing Thunderbird, that is required to be able 
> to use JSlib? On http://jslib.mozdev.org/installation.html, it says 
> that "JSLib will install into your Mozilla user profile dir". I cannot 
> find this dir -- or, JSlib seems to have installed itself under 
> "C:\Program\www\Mozilla\thunderbird" i.e. where I put Thunderbird from 
> the start.

Can you file a bug. I can't get to this for a little while.



Pete Collins

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