[Jslib] Bug in RDFFile?

Joseph Wecker ins.jwecker at emcop.com
Wed Jul 28 19:16:45 EDT 2004

Newbie here:

I was using the following code to create a new RDF file, as per the 

    var rdf = new RDFFile("file:///home/jwecker/wow.rdf", 
JS_RDFFILE_FLAG_SYNC, "http://i-n-s.net/wlns#", "wl");

It would touch the file, but not fill it with the initial stuff.  When I 
debugged a bit, I realized there weren't any problems opening the file 
or anything- rdffile just thought there was.  I changed lines 63 and 75 
in rdfFile.js so that instead of reading:

    if(rdf_file... != JS_*FILE*_OK) { ...error... }

they now read:

    if(rdf_file... != JS_*LIB*_OK) { ...error... }

and now everything works- fills in the initial file info etc. etc.
Anyway, I don't know if that was the best place to fix it is or 
anything, or who maintains it.  Was this the right fix?  Should it be on 
the buglist?
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