[Jslib] Re: Basic Authentication and RDF Remote Datasource

Calvin Hendryx-Parker calvin at sixfeetup.com
Thu Jul 15 09:28:01 EDT 2004

Pete Collins wrote:
> Ok, I agree with Brian. Lets get this into a bug and see if we can 
> support basic auth you need.

If everyone thinks that is a worthwhile feature I wouldn't mind helping 
to implement it.

If I do I would like a couple pointers since here is what I would propose:

Change rdf.js so that the init can take an optional username and password

Set it up so that if username and password are passed in it uses 
XmlHttpRequest to get the RDF as a stream of text that can be passed to 
nsIRDFXMLParser to get a datasource out of the whole deal.

Then continue as normal...

Is that the right plan of attack?


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