[Jslib] Getting started with jsLib

John Wayne holzkoppwayne at web.de
Wed Jul 14 12:31:24 EDT 2004


just installed the jslib components and tried to get them working but 
without success. After having a look at the posts at 
http://mozdev.org/pipermail/jslib/ I didn't find a solution.

First of all the jslib examples don't work and I get error "include is 
not defined". After changing the include URLs from 
"chrome://jslib/content/jslib.js" to "chrome://jslib/jslib.js" the 
errors were gone. But the next problem appeared: nothing is displayed, 
the browser window keeps white. When having a look at the source code 
(per CTRL + U) I see clean XUL source without errors.

What do I have to do to get jslib working? There seem to appear some 
general errors.

1 - The jslib isn't installed into my profile (but into the mozilla 
chrome folder) although the documentation mentions this.
2 - The file inclusion always looks like 
"chrome://jslib/content/jslib.js" but "content" is never created.
3 - After correcting the includes the site keeps blank although the 
source code looks well.

I'm using Mozilla 1.7.1 on WinXP. How to get it working?


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