[Jslib] ssl socket ?

Stephen Knight stknight at ultralifebatteries.com
Mon Jan 12 11:17:20 EST 2004

Futureboy wrote:
> Hi :)
> I'm currently trying to make an extension for firebird... and i need to connect to a server using a SSL Socket.
> I've tried to use the 'Socket' function included in jslib (Network/socket.js) :
> this._SOCKET = new Socket('{217d014a-1dd2-11b2-999c-b0c4df79b324}');
> but it doesn't work :( the script stops when it arrives at this line :
> this._socketService = socketService.QueryInterface(Components.interfaces.nsISocketTransportService);

are you sure about the class-id?  I tried using it (copy/paste) and Socket threw an error: "Couldn't 
get socket service class.".  This would indicate that the basic lookup from Components.classesByID 

(immediately after the switch, there's a statement "if( arguments.length == 1 )" which apparently 
does absolutely nothing useful/bad and would seem to be a hold-over from earlier thrashing...please 
ignore it).

> Another thing : this function perfectly works when i use a normal socket...

same here:
Red Hat 8.0
MozillaFirebird 0.7
jslib 0.1.130 (development install)

> This is my first time using xul... I hope you'll be able to help me :)

I hope this helped a bit.

Stephen Knight
Ultralife Batteries, Inc.

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