[Jslib] Re: automating the installation

Gerry Kavanagh gerryk at kaltel.com
Mon Feb 2 17:45:49 EST 2004

OK, answered... thanks Stephen

>Gerry Kavanagh wrote:
>>Automating updates is not exactly what I'm after. It's the actual 
>>initial install that I would like to automate. Currently it's done via 
>>xpinstall which requires someone to actually be at the machine in order 
>>to start the installation. What I'm trying to achieve is to have 
>>installation happen with no intervention at all, so I can just send a 
>>tarball of updates to each machine and have the machine untar it and run 
>>a script to make whatever modifications are necessary to config files to 
>>finalise the installation.
>it is possible to do that.  I'm currently using a "local script" to do my install because the 
>systems I'm working on/developing are also standalone on Linux.
>It's actually pretty simple.  You need to:
>1) put your xul application in the appropriate chrome (user or global)
>2) add the same lines to installed-chrome.txt that xpinstall does:
>	ex:
>	skin,install,url,resource:/chrome/your-app-name/skin/
>	locale,install,url,resource:/chrome/your-app-name/locale/
>	content,install,url,resource:/chrome/your-app-name/content/
>3) start mozilla.
>If everything works ok, you should be able to look in chrome.rdf and reassure yourself that it 
>contains the contents of your contents.rdf.
>You should only need to do that once for any particular application.  After that, you can modify 
>your application and only need to restart Mozilla for the changes to take effect.
>hope this helps.

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