[Jslib] automating the installation

Stephen Knight stknight at ultralifebatteries.com
Mon Feb 2 11:14:26 EST 2004

Gerry Kavanagh wrote:
> Automating updates is not exactly what I'm after. It's the actual 
> initial install that I would like to automate. Currently it's done via 
> xpinstall which requires someone to actually be at the machine in order 
> to start the installation. What I'm trying to achieve is to have 
> installation happen with no intervention at all, so I can just send a 
> tarball of updates to each machine and have the machine untar it and run 
> a script to make whatever modifications are necessary to config files to 
> finalise the installation.

it is possible to do that.  I'm currently using a "local script" to do my install because the 
systems I'm working on/developing are also standalone on Linux.

It's actually pretty simple.  You need to:
1) put your xul application in the appropriate chrome (user or global)
2) add the same lines to installed-chrome.txt that xpinstall does:
3) start mozilla.

If everything works ok, you should be able to look in chrome.rdf and reassure yourself that it 
contains the contents of your contents.rdf.

You should only need to do that once for any particular application.  After that, you can modify 
your application and only need to restart Mozilla for the changes to take effect.

hope this helps.

Stephen Knight
Ultralife Batteries, Inc.

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