[Jslib] 3253927937 for file functions

Neil Fraser neil at digitalroutes.co.uk
Thu Dec 30 13:17:33 EST 2004

Pete Collins wrote:
> Works fine for me on FF 1.0 WinXP.

Works fine for me on FF 1.0 Windows 2000.
And as previously mentioned, Moz 1.7 Win98.

> The error you cite is.
> Which means the File library is not being properly initialized.

I uninstalled jslib, uninstalled Firefox, downloaded and reinstalled 
both and got the same error on Win98SE.

I then borrowed a neighbour's Win98SE computer, installed jslib, and got 
the same error.

Looks like jslib doesn't work with Firefox on Windows 98.  I'm available 
to test any permutations you wish.

> Do you have a "c:" drive or is it named something else?
> When you tried the code snip I provided, you got the same error?

Yes to both.

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