[Jslib] What to use to open files in the chrome jar?

Fred Eisele fred at netarx.com
Fri Dec 17 10:08:09 EST 2004

During development I was using the following code to open a file in the 

  var theFilePath = theFileUtils.chromeToPath( theChromeName );
  var theFile = new File ( theFilePath );

theChromeName is similar to...
...and it is located in...
...which is what theFilePath becomes; so far so good.

When it came time to make a package theFileUtils.chromeToPath no
longer gives a 'good' path (e.g. 
chrome://mypackage/content/transform/some.xsl  becomes 
This is because the file is now encapsulated in a jar file (did I 
mention this is firefox).


The basic question is...
What is the appropriate way to get an file handle to this file?
- expect the File class to know how to open uri's?
- use RemoteFile? It currently only supports 'http' not 'chrome'.
- use Zip?  It does not recognize chrome paths.
- use some creative combination of the File and Zip classes?  That still does not locate the zip file to begin with.
- introduce new class Chrome? 

I expect there are some chrome related components that are part of mozilla/firefox.
Do you know of such a mechanism?

p.s. thanks for the File( nsIFile ) constructor.

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