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Pete Collins pete at mozdevgroup.com
Tue Aug 31 11:57:03 EDT 2004

Lowell D. Taylor wrote:

> Download LeechGet Mozilla Menu Extension v0.4 
> <http://home.arcor.de/chrassig/leechget.xpi> (without installation, 
> JSLib <http://jslib.mozdev.org/> is required for this package to work)
> What must I download from your site in order to be able to open the 
> above file. I would like to keep the file : leechget.xpi
> in folder with the program for back up purposes rather than having to 
> go the  Leechget site each time to  install the extra menu extentions. 
> In other words what constituttes the necessary JSLib component to open 
> the.xpi file?
To manually install jsLib, install "jsLib lite jar" xpi here:




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