[Jslib] File I/O and what is probably a FAQ

Stef stef at mail.ummon.com
Fri Apr 23 00:01:14 EDT 2004

Hello everyone,

	Okay, I am pretty new to the whole XUL thing
(read about 5 days :), so perhaps what I am asking is
a 'FAQ', if so, please point me to it and I will be

	In the meantime...

	My problem is that I have a remote site which
sends down a page (Signed XUL, so that it can open a
file on the local computer) and then once its done, it
will send a value back up to the remote server. Think
of it more in the vein of 'advanced cookies' (i am
bound by an NDA sadly here, so i have to be careful
what i say).

	Now, I think i have a grasp on the basic XUL,
but has anyone done anything similiar and if so, is
there any example code/pointers/thoughts or paths
that they suggest trying first ?

	I have also been thinking of putting the remote
page into a file that is downloaded (ala .xpi 'plugin')
for mozilla/firebird/firefox. That way, i wouldnt have
to worry about setting up remote privileges for XPConnect,
correct ?

	Many Thanks and thoughts gratefully welcomed.
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