[Jslib] new socket.js

stknight at ultralifebatteries.com stknight at ultralifebatteries.com
Tue Sep 30 16:19:56 EDT 2003

there doesn't appear to be a way to attach a file.  should I just paste it
into the description field?  will (what little) formatting survive?

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> From:	Pete Collins [SMTP:pete at mozdev.org]
> Sent:	Tuesday, September 30, 2003 3:12 PM
> To:	Mozilla Application Development Javascript Libraries
> Subject:	Re: [Jslib] new socket.js
> > Unless somebody objects, I guess I'll be working out with Pete how to 
> > commit this new version.
> Just file a new bug w/ the patch and/or new file and I'll check it in.

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