[Jslib] example code that doesn't work for me...

Wingnut wingnut at winternet.com
Tue Sep 23 10:13:43 EDT 2003

Well done, stknight!  (And you too, Pete!)  The privilege manager 
security loosening is a definite GOTTA apparently, at least on my W2k 
Moz 1.5b SVG.

Note:  "c:\WINDOWS\Application 
Data\Mozilla\Profiles\default\generated.slt\chrome\" is not the correct 
path to jslib on my W2k.  My xpi-install of jslib appears to have landed 

C:\Documents and Settings\Wingnut\Application 

Of course, w2k has all that fancy admin stuff, and I'm an admin-grade 
user on it, so... its just a whole lot of unnecessary security layers 
and crap that I don't really understand.

All I know, is that stknight's example got me past a huge hurdle, and in 
  my opinion, his message and demo code should be made available in 
jslib docs.

Lastly, does jslib really "just" wrap xpcom components?  If so, I don't 
think its going to solve my problem of getting xpcom to read a so-called 
NTFS unicode file like Marias_u.tdb found in 

Wanna try?  Take both Marias test text files and ns_read18_u.htm from 
that dir and put them into a local folder.  Adjust filepaths in the JS 
and go for it.  available() is wrong too, showing the unicode Marias 
file to be twice the number of available bytes as the 8 bit version.... 
cuz it knows-not that its a unicode (16 bit byte) file if there is such 
a thing.

I probably should have tested to see if jslib could do it before I 
posted this.... but I was excited that I (stknight) finally got jslib 
awakened.  Am I in for disappointment in getting jslib to .read that 
file?  :)  Anyone got advice?  I sure would appreciate anything!

Ok, off to torture jslib.  Thanks again, gang!


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