[Jslib] something changed for the worse

Pete Collins pete at mozdev.org
Mon Sep 15 14:48:32 EDT 2003

Stephen Knight wrote:
> Pete Collins wrote:
>> ok, the sample you posted works fine.
> I'm not surprised.
>> Delete both versions of jslib in your profiles dir and reinstall.
> (only one version to delete, I kept track).
> . reinstalled
> . restarted.
> . splash screen good
> . exit
> . run test xul
> . exception
> . start mozilla
> . run splash in 2nd window/tab
> . run test xul
> . no problem.
> sigh...ok, I guess I'll file this under "mystery" for awhile.  Luckily 
> my target environment for this application is _not_ Windows 2000.

Yea, it's weird. I've seens weirdness like this before. I bet if you 
create a new profile and installjslib under that, it will woprk peachy.

I plan on putting the main jslb install to be a global install and if 
the global install fails due to premissions, thenfall back on a local 
install in the  user profile.


Pete Collins

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