[Jslib] example code that doesn't work for me...

Pete Collins pete at mozdev.org
Tue Sep 9 16:15:00 EDT 2003

stknight at ultralifebatteries.com wrote:
> Greetings,
> I've just installed jslib today and have almost immediately run into
> problems.
> specifically, the example code below generates a "File is not defined" (line
> 18) in the Javascript console.  The window appears, the buttons attempt to
> work but that error definitely puts a crimp in what I want to do.
> The splash screen (chrome://jslib/content/) from either the command line
> (Cygwin) or in Mozilla's locator, no problem.
> Windows 2000
> Mozilla 1.4
> I've seen similar errors reported in either your archives or via Google, but
> nobody seems to have ever posted the fix.
> Any suggestions?

Well, using Win 98, Mozilla 1.4, jslib 0.1.83. It worked fine for me.

Do note that i changed the local file path in the test from:

   var localFile = "/tmp/fubar.dat";

to a valid Win local file path

   var localFile = "c:\\tmp\\fubar.dat";

Hope this helps.


Pete Collins

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