[Jslib] Re: jslib on moz 1.5 os X 10.2.8

Pete Collins pete at mozdev.org
Fri Oct 24 11:22:20 EDT 2003

Matthew T Webb wrote:
> hey pete --
> Are you talking about the close call on jslib.xul: 44?  I see what you
> mean. It has exactly the behaviour you described on linux:  window or tab
> that points to jslib.xul closes and the splash screen is displayed.
> On osX though the whole app goes down regardless the number of windows
> (talkback fires up to report the crash).  I filed a bug report on it (4886)
> Also, what does displaying the splash screen vaidate?   Could
> the library still work even though something is causing the splash screen
> to crash mozilla?  The reason I tried to view the splash screen, was the
> file open function was never returning in rikaixul (the app I'm planing
> trying to get working again) I'm curious if the file open is having
> trouble with double byte files (since they have japanese).
> I'll spend some time this weekend trying to simplify and isolate the
> problem.  Thanks for all the help.

Can you launch this?

./mozilla -chrome chrome://jslib/content/samples/test.xul


Pete Collins

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