[Jslib] Re: jslib on moz 1.5 osX 10.2.8

Matthew T Webb mtwebb at CS.Princeton.EDU
Thu Oct 23 20:35:39 EDT 2003

hey all --

thanks for the feedback.

the install log looks good (see below).  Stephen -- thanks for the
explanation on the chrome references.  Khowing that, it looks like
installed-chrome.txt has the proper lines:
(which shows where prefrefences live on osx if you want to update
http://jslib.mozdev.org/docs.html )

chrome.rdf has the jslib info.

now when I try the chrome://jslib/content/ as the address, moz crashes.
Is there an good way to debug these crashes?  comment out vast parts of
jslib until it works?  I tried venkman, but I haven't had much luck with
it yet (I set the evaluation context, but none of the scripts load)

thanks again for the help.


http://downloads.mozdev.org/jslib/xpi/jslib_current_static.xpi  --
10/23/2003 15:00:15

     JSLIB v0.1.88 (version 0.1.88)

     ** initInstall: 0
     ** registerChrome: 0
     [1/79]	Create Folder: /Users/mtwebb/Library/Mozilla/Profiles/default/yrshu70h.slt/chrome/jslib
     [2/79]	Create Folder: /Users/mtwebb/Library/Mozilla/Profiles/default/yrshu70h.slt/chrome/jslib/utils
     [3/79]	Installing: /Users/mtwebb/Library/Mozilla/Profiles/default/yrshu70h.slt/chrome/jslib/utils/validate.js
     [4/79]	Create Folder: /Users/mtwebb/Library/Mozilla/Profiles/default/yrshu70h.slt/chrome/jslib/zip
     [5/79]	Installing: /Users/mtwebb/Library/Mozilla/Profiles/default/yrshu70h.slt/chrome/jslib/zip/zip.js

     [79/79]	Register Package: file:///Users/mtwebb/Library/Mozilla/Profiles/default/yrshu70h.slt/chrome/jslib/
     Install completed successfully  --  10/23/2003 15:00:16


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