[Jslib] jslib on moz 1.5 osX 10.2.8

Matthew T Webb mtwebb at CS.Princeton.EDU
Wed Oct 22 14:13:26 EDT 2003

I'm wondering if anyone on this mailing list has gotten jslib working
with Mozilla 1.5 on os 10.2.

I'm looking to revive a dormant mozdev project that uses jslib.

I used the XPinstall and I have not yet been able to get it to work.  It
seems to install fine, except the files are put in the in the jslib
directory, not a content su bdirectory.  I've tried moving them into a
content directory manually, as well as removing all the references to the
content dir in the jslib files.

I've never gotten the jslib test files to run, and running moz from the
command line with the -chrome flag causes moz to crash.

I believe that I have the installed chrome file set up consistently, but I
am not so certain about the contents.rdf file.  I noticed after the
xpinstall though, that the jslib portion looks different:

<RDF:Description about="urn:mozilla:package:jslib"
                   c:author="Pete Collins, Eric Plaster, Martin.T.Kutschker"
                   c:name="jslib" />

all the other entries have a line like:
   <c:package resource="urn:mozilla:package:messenger"/>

would the lack of the closing tag and the package line cause jslib to
fail?  When I manually add the lines, Mozilla fails to load.

Anyone have ideas as to why this isn't working?

many thanks.


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