[Jslib] Bug in RemoteFile?

Brian King brian at mozdev.org
Sat Nov 29 12:13:58 EST 2003


Thanks for the report. I have filed a bug on it:


I would be grateful if you could post some sort of a patch to the bug, 
or at least full details of the changes you made.

Then we will review your changes and check in the fix. It certainly does 
look like an oversight, brought about by a copy and paste operation!


On 29.11.2003 7:55, Sean C. Nichols wrote:

> Hi!
> I hope this hasn't already been dealt with; I scanned over the newsgroup 
> archives, but didn't see anything. Nor can I see anything in BugZilla.
> Anyway, I just downloaded the development build of JSLib (for Mozilla) 
> as of Nov.25th, i.e.: the latest I can find.
> I'm using it writing some code that interacts with TagZilla... and 
> wanted to add some http file functionality. It looked like 
> network/remoteFile was the way to go, but when I tried include()ing the 
> file, the function (include()) returned an error.
> I traced the problem to the fact that network/remoteFile.js defines 
> JS_FILE_IOSERVICE_CID, JS_FILE_I_IOSERVICE, and a number of other 
> JS_FILE_* constants, which conflicted with the same constants in 
> io/file.js (which I also had include()d).
> Changing those constants to JS_REMOTEFILE_* (as would make sense to me) 
> -- as well as any reference to them within remoteFile.js -- seems to 
> have fixed it, and things are now working as I expect.
> However:
> Was this an oversight in JSLib? Is this the intended operation? Is 
> remoteFile.js broken? Am I broken (or trying to do things in a broken 
> way)? Will this  "fix" potentially cause me other headaches? Should I 
> check my fix into CVS (it consists solely of those renamings in that one 
> file)?
> Thanks in advance for any advice!
>    - Sean

Brian King

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