[Jslib] Re: fileUtils.js - Local program doesn't start

"Bärbel Kiesbauer" bkiesbauer at gmx.net
Thu Nov 27 18:37:45 EST 2003

>Yes, it is because you are using Mozilla 1.0.2. There has been an 
>interface change in Mozilla since then.

>This issue comes up a lot. I think i'll make this functionality 
>backwards compatible.

>Can you please file a bug and i'll add a hook to the old code for older 
>versions of Mozilla.

>For the short term, i'd upgrade to Mozilla to any version past 1.3+


I upgraded to Mozilla 1.4.1 and installed "jslib developer edition" again.
Unfortunately still the same behaviour. I think I have a wrong understanding
or a bad environment. 

1. With mozilla.exe -chrome chrome://jslib/content/samples/function.xul  The
Button "function list" works, but the others have no effect

2. Here's the Code of my file again

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE  window>
<window id="file"  xmlns:html="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"

<script type="application/x-javascript"
src="chrome://jslib/content/jslib.js" />
<script type="application/x-javascript">



function start(){
<menubar id="appbar">
   <menu label="Start">
        <menuitem label="Notepad" oncommand="start();"/>

Thank you in advance,
B. Kiesbauer


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