[Jslib] How can I help ???

Fco Benavides fco_benavides at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 18 09:15:50 EST 2003


OK, I'l try to see where I can pitch in,but before
that, I have these questions:

How can I query the JSlib to deliver me the version it
is ???  If it is not written, a quick fix with of some
sort with a CVS some thing can autogenerate a version
number taken out of the branch data so that every time
a new JSlib is releasead (either for production or
test release) we know with what we are working (not
just the latest).  Putting this into a global variable
or some method (preferably a method).

Also, I found the instructions to move my work into
the chrome for development, so I hope this helps.


Ing. Francisco Benavides
Software Developer

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