[Jslib] xpi install: One suggestion and a couple of questions

Fco Benavides fco_benavides at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 17 18:02:46 EST 2003


Regarding the xpi jslib install, could it be possible
to improve it, in such a way that if an earlier jslib
already exists, it automagically removes it and
installs the newest ???  or in any case, a choice,
some where some how, to remove the jslib ??? 

I think that the installer should allow both
installation and deinstallation and upgrade as well,
on a per choice option of sorts.  Shouldn't a generic
and/or general isntaller be used for this, that is,
Maozilla wide installer ???

Now my other questions are, to begin, if Mozilla
already came in with a jslib, installed by the root
user, and a new version is going to be install and the
installe can not install as root and the new version
is insatalled in the user space, which jslib will be
used/have preference ???

Also, shouldn't a worning be issued in such a case ???


Ing. Francisco Benavides
Software Developer

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