[Jslib] Some improvement suggestions and some questions to

Pete Collins pete at mozdev.org
Sun Nov 16 10:53:43 EST 2003

Fco Benavides wrote:
> Hi, 
> I have some suggestions regarding the JSlib pages, for
> FAQ o tutorial o whatever.
> 1) How can the pages be manipulated to allow "printer
> friendly" pages, I mention this because afther the
> installation page and the page on using JSlib are both
> pages whose content is good.  They should be available
> to be accessed to be printed if the user wants to.
> Maybe there are more pages like that, that could also
> be made available for that.
> 2) A small information page on how to modify the
> mozilla chrome should also be posted, so that if you
> want to develop your own application, you can do so
> safely.  This information is some where in the net, so
> having it here should be helpfull.  There a file to be
> renamed or deleted or moved to be able to allow
> Mozilla to load your mozilla application.
> 3) Also, it would be good to add a page on how to
> unjar a jar mozilla application, so that if you want
> to build/improve upon it, you can readily do so.  i
> forgot this, I managed to create to perl scripts that
> take the rdf toc of the mozilla book as to build the
> mozilla book application (all this from xulmaker).
> This information is also some where in the web and not
> easy to find.
> I comment on this, because as a newbie developer for
> Mozilla applications, this information is not easily
> found and known, and this slows down adoption of XUL
> developing.
> I used to have the fore mentioned info on the two
> latter issues, but an accident on my mail file took
> care of that :(  Any way, having this information in
> the mozdev pages should help many people like my self,
> that see JSlib and XUL as a solution to many problems
> and not so much as a drag because even if the
> information does exist, it'scattered around the net.
> Please, can you help me remember how to unjar an
> application and what to do, to be able to include my
> application in the chrome without breaking it so I can
> continue with my quest.

$ unzip foo.jar

Mozilla jar's are just plain old zip files.

> Thank you every one for your help and time!
> An other question, it involves PHP.  If I were to want
> to also use a C# Mono component through XUL, so I can
> keep in JSlib the interface logic separated from the
> functional logic of my application, what/where to
> start ???

Yes, yes, yes. We will try our hardest to address these issues for newbies.

I'll file a bug to add them to the FAQ.

Thanks for the feedback. The whople point of jslib is to try to reduce 
teh amount of unnecessary pain one needs to endure to write a Mozilla App.


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