[Jslib] (no subject)

Matthew T Webb mtwebb at CS.Princeton.EDU
Sat Nov 15 22:24:26 EST 2003

hey pete --

when running:
./mozilla-bin -chrome chrome://jslib/content/samples/test.xul
I initalially recieved some errors due and extra "-->" at the end of the
file.  Onve I removed that though I still encountered this error:

./mozilla-bin: can't map file: /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Java Applet.plugin ((os/kern) invalid argument)

That path is valid though.  The result is is the window pops up with a
read dir button that does nothing.

I noticed on an earlier post the comment:
"The unicode stuff would be wonderful to have as well."

Doe s this mean that there are limits on the formats of files the jslib
can read?  I ask since I will be dealing with documents that use double
byte characters.

The new installer worked perfectly by the way - -thanks for doing that.  I
was hand rolling it into the application directory before.  (though for
testing I used the default local install)

also is there a good channel to discuss these types of issues ?  I tried
the mozdev channel, but it was a ghost town.

Thanks again for the help to date.


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