[Jslib] Updated install.js

Pete Collins pete at mozdev.org
Thu Nov 13 11:15:45 EST 2003

Stephen Knight wrote:
> Pete Collins wrote:
>>> Is there an opportunity to cancel if unable to install in the 
>>> global-chrome, and avoid installing in the user-chrome?
>>> the reason I ask is because I'm usually not running as 
>>> root/administrator and this would allow me to back-off and try again 
>>> under the proper conditions.
>>> (I've already played the game of 
>>> "install/move-to-global/tweak-installed-chrome.txt/repeat").
>> No, there isn't an opportunity to cancel. My attempt was to simplify 
>> the install process as much as possible.
> I understand, however once the plan is to have jslib preferably 
> installed in the global chrome then (IMHO) the simplest way is not 
> necessarily the best.
>> I can pop up a confirm if install fails in the global chrome dir if 
>> that is preferred.
> that would be my preference.
> the reason for this (as I see it) is that while some systems (Windows 
> 9x, XP) have the main user as administrator, Linux, MacOS X and Windows 
> 2000 do not.  Even logged in as root under Linux is no guarantee that 
> something installed by Mozilla is going to go into the global chrome.
> just a thought.

I filed a bug:


Any comments on the confirm text please enter in the bug. I'd like this 
all to be as clear as possible to end users.


Pete Collins

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