[Jslib] help: document catalog

Fco Benavides fco_benavides at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 7 17:43:22 EST 2003


I want to create a xul application usign the jslib,
but I need guidance.

My application is small, I want to organize a library
which contains files, so that I can reserve a document
number, with a version, and assign it a responsible,
an though the application: store retrieve the given
document, and allow a tree like interface though which
the documents can be viewed.

More or less, this is wht I want to do.  I seem to
realize that the document list should be an RDF file
of some sort, which would then be rendered for a tree
like presentation.

The rdf file should allow the following data: author,
date, title, subtitle (if any), version (preliminary
or final), document ID.

This rdf file should be available to be created,
modified, and deleted.  In some practical way, to
serve the applications purpose.

Please, help me guiding me as to what needs be done or
how to start.  I know all this is some what a rough
explanation of what I want, but do not know what rdf
structure should be used, and if there is already a
standard to follow for what I want (I heve googled,
but have not found any thing similar to what I want).

Thank you for your time!


Ing. Francisco Benavides
Software Developer

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