[Jslib] Installing JSLib and Tagzilla in Thunderbird and Firebird - Answer

Pete Collins pete at mozdev.org
Wed Jul 23 16:06:24 EDT 2003

Maybe everyone here can enlighten me.

- I just installed FireBird 0.6 on Linux.
- Went to the jslib install page
- clicked on jslib_jar install link
- installed jslib
- quit FireBird
- launched jslib

   ./MozillaFirebird -chrome chrome://jslib/content/

and got the jslib splash screen.

Am I missing someting here?

Why is jslib installing on FireBird for me and not everyone else here?


Pete Collins
jslib creator

Duane Hubbard wrote:
>> I was having trouble installing Jslib on Thunderbird, so I thought I'd 
>> check the archives here to see if anyone else had the same trouble. I 
>> was quite amused to see that the archives currently consist of 4 
>> messages, 2 of which are unanswered help requests for my exact 
>> problem. :-)
> The reason that there are only four messages is because Mozdev.org was 
> downed not too long ago, and they are still restoring everything. See 
> link below for more info. :)
> http://www.mozillazine.org/talkback.html?article=3376
>> Well, I'll try to get this straightened out myself then, and post an 
>> answer here, so the count for this problem doesn't go up to 4 
>> messages. To give a bit more detail:
> <snip>
>> When(if) I get it figured out, I'll post an update.
> Don't bother trying to figure it out. I'll give you, and everyone else 
> who wishes to know, the answer.
> Here's what you have to do.
> Installing JSLib:
> 1) Point your browser to:
> http://downloads.uk1.mozdev.org/rsync/jslib/xpi/
> and save the file called " 
> <http://downloads.uk1.mozdev.org/rsync/jslib/xpi/jslib_current.xpi>jslib_current.xpi" 
> to your computer.
> 2) Open Thunderbird and go to  Tools...-->Options...-->Extensions
> 3) Click "Install New Extension", when the box pops up, direct it to the 
> file you saved earlier.
> 4) Click "OK", then restart Thunderbird
> Installing Tagzilla:
> 1) Point your browser to:
> http://tagzilla.mozdev.org/installation.html
> and save the proper file to your computer
> 2) Follow lines 2 through 4 above.
> This should install JSLib and Tagzilla in Thunderbird, hopefully they 
> will make it easier later.
> I would also suggest installing both in Firebird as well, so that you 
> can just the "steal" function in your browser.

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