[Jslib] Installing JSLib and Tagzilla in Thunderbird and Firebird - Answer

Ted Dennison dennison at ssd.fsi.com
Wed Jul 23 09:15:18 EDT 2003

Duane Hubbard wrote:

>> When(if) I get it figured out, I'll post an update.
> Here's what you have to do.
> Installing JSLib:
> 1) Point your browser to:
> http://downloads.uk1.mozdev.org/rsync/jslib/xpi/
> and save the file called " 
> <http://downloads.uk1.mozdev.org/rsync/jslib/xpi/jslib_current.xpi>jslib_current.xpi" 
> to your computer.

Yup. I figured the above out yesterday, and got it all working (after 
completly hosing my TBird and having to reinstall it again from 
scratch). I was just about to post pretty much the same steps. :-)

I would add that there really ought to be a hyperlink to 
somewhere on the website. I had to figure it out by examining the 
message in the confirmation dialog on the install link. Not everyone is 
going to think of doing that.

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