[Jslib] Installing on Thunderbird

Ted Dennison dennison at ssd.fsi.com
Tue Jul 22 11:38:29 EDT 2003

I was having trouble installing Jslib on Thunderbird, so I thought I'd 
check the archives here to see if anyone else had the same trouble. I 
was quite amused to see that the archives currently consist of 4 
messages, 2 of which are unanswered help requests for my exact problem. :-)

Well, I'll try to get this straightened out myself then, and post an 
answer here, so the count for this problem doesn't go up to 4 messages. 
To give a bit more detail:

I'm using Thunderbird/Firebird.
I want to use Tagzilla
Tagzilla requires Jslib, so I guess I want Jslib

What I've found:

    * Apparently separating the browser and mail tool has its drawbacks.
      Just clicking on the install links for Tagzilla and Jslib from
      within Firebird will get both installed on Firebird, but not on
      Thunderbird (mostly...). That allows use of Tagzilla through the
      clipboard, but that's not quite as integrated as one would like.
    * Attemping to right-click "Save As" on the install links (as per
      website instructions) from within Firebird will save you an HTML
      page, not the XPI installers one needs to install these tools.
    * Tagzilla has an XPI download link that can be used. After
      downloading you can install Tagzilla into Thunderbird through the
      Options Extensions group. However, as mentioned by a previous
      message, it just complains that Jslib isn't installed (even though
      there is now a JavaScript console menu, presumably thanks to the
      Firebird installation).
    * Jslib does not appear to have an XPI download link anywhere, so
      you can't use the same trick with it.

When(if) I get it figured out, I'll post an update.

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